A weekend dedicated to dancing solo! Discovering rhythm and movement in your own body and how to express yourself more through the language of dance!

Though Swing Station has a focus on jazz and blues movement, we’re so happy to mix it up and include other solo dancing to broaden horizons and spark your interest, hoping you’ll find some new movement in your body.

Our exploration this weekend is more dedicated to exploring other solo dances that enrich our understanding in general of movement and dance.

Our parties will make you mix up your dancing styles and put you in other rhythms and moods, dancing solo or with a partner.  You choose!  We just hope you’ll open your heart and mind and embrace music and dance in so many different forms.

It’s our idea that Lisbon is just the right city to come and explore different dances. There’s a strong mix of cultures here in the city and dance communities enjoy mixing together because we all have one thing in common – we just want to dance!

8 hours of Workshops in a variety of modalities, some open level and others for 2 different levels.
The workshop on Friday evening is about preparing your body for dancing – either through floorwork or through contemporary dance ideas – you’ll choose.
Group warmups at the beginning of the day
• Group stretching at the end of the day
3 parties where we push you out of your dancing limits with some open flash classes and DJs who mix up musical styles!

15th-17th November 2019


Coming soon!
We have some great teachers in Lisbon, dancing a variety of rhythms and styles who will be joining us this weekend to push our limits!

Confirmed so far:
iLan Dromi (Sweden)
Cláudia Nóvoa
Piny Orchidaceae
Cookie Orchidaceae
Lúcia Afonso (Blue Orchidaceae)
Rita Spider
Rafael Paixão


Programme in a Nutshell:

Workshops: Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday afternoons at Lisboa Ginásio Clube
Parties: Coming soon

* Detailed timetable coming soon and downloadable below!


Speedy Bird – first 10 people when registration opens on 24th July: 85€
Fast Bird – next 30 people: 100€
Normal Price: 110€

Dance Workshops – Choose Your Level & Choose Your Own Adventure!

You will have a mix this year of classes geared more to your level of solo dancing and other classes which are thematic and open level, which you will choose.

Friday and Sunday classes will be more “Choose Your Own Adventure”  whereas Saturday will be “Choose Your Level”.  Those classes on Saturday will be the same for both levels, but with a difference in the rhythm/speed of the class.

Solo Train 1: is for those who have little to no experience dancing solo or who like to learn at a more comfortable pace, giving enough time to allow the movement to enter your body.

Solo Train 2: is for those who feel more at ease dancing some kind(s) of solo dance, who learn movement quickly, and enjoy a more challenging and faster pace of learning.

Class Themes

Healthy Dancing Bodies

This is what we call our daily warm-ups and stretches, because the idea is to keep your body in good shape for many years of dancing and living well! We have our extraordinary physical therapist, Joana Serranho, who will guide us through the daily practices that keep our bodies ready to dance in order to avoid injuries. Let’s learn how to create a good warm-up routine before dancing and a correct stretching routine for after dancing.

Understanding a little of our body mechanics and how to take care of our precious bodies is critical to any activity. We want to be able to dance for a lifetime! So let’s take care of our beautiful instrument!

Weekend Timetable

The overall timetable for Solo train 2019 is still “under construction”, though for your planning purposes we can give you some idea of times, though there will be changes!

• Class somewhere between 19:00 and 21:30
• Party tentative times: 22:30 – 02:30

• Classes somewhere between 11:30 and 18:00 with a break for lunch
• Party tentative times: 22:30 – 04:00

• Classes somewhere between 13:30 and 18:00
• Party tentative times: 19:00 – 23:00